Monday, October 10, 2011

These people are obviously amateur photographers.  They have to use stands for their cameras.  Ha Ha!!  Plus they must be really old cameras because they are huge and clunky.  One of them even came with headphones.  What's up with that?? Probably has a built in cassette player for playing old music too.  Ha Ha!!  Don't these people realize that smaller is better??  Well at least most of the time, Ha Ha!!  I should know, I've got some of the smallest stuff in town.  Ha Ha!! (You're laughin' with me not at me, right?? Ha Ha??)

Anyway, I tried to be really nice to these people even though it was kind of embarrassing to be hanging around them and I even took a few pictures of their "gear" as they called it, Ha Ha, just to be nice. As you can see they really liked me and in one picture the boss even smiled and waved to me.

I could see that they were pretty jealous of my tiny "gear" when I pulled it out and the fact that I did not need a stand to use it.  I felt sorry for them and offered to let them use my super deluxe, Micro 4/3, fancy schmancy, sub compact, entry level, digital camera camcorder  to do some of their serious work.

They looked at each other and then back at me and then at each other again.  Then they started to laugh.  I think they were too embarrassed to tell me that they didn't know how to use my "gear".

 That's actually when I took the photo where the boss was smiling and waving at me.  Someone standing next to me also said the boss said "Good Bye!" when I took this photo but I didn't hear that.

Anyway, I mingled in the crowd and cruised around all over Canibal Royale snapping photos of sexy, rich, young people without  many clothes on for another 30 minutes or so before the manager came up and asked me if I wanted to buy something to drink or eat.  I told him I'd love to but,  I was "working' ".  He looked at my "gear" and said "With that little thing?" and walked away. Whatever!  He then walked over to one of the bouncers and said something to him and pointed at me.  Probably to hold him not to bug me because I was "workin' ".

It was a good afternoon but I had to leave early to go home and put my clothes in the dryer, get dinner started and get ready to watch the latest episode of Glee tonight with Princess.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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