Friday, April 18, 2008

Brick Road To La Playa

It looks as though one of Playa Del Carmen’s most well known streets is about to get an extreme and much needed facelift. The 150 yard stretch of Calle 28 between 1st Avenue north and the beach that leads to Playa’s two most sought after and overcrowded beach clubs “Mamitas” and “Kool” is finally having brick pavers installed. The brick blocks that have been stacked on pallets at the corner of First Avenue for the last six or seven weeks are now being laid to rest in their new home.

The days of ankle and axle breaking on this ever popular, massively rutted path to the beach may soon be a thing of the past. I’m sure more people and drinks have slipped, slopped, dripped and dropped along this short stretch of road than anywhere else in Playa. Once the paving is done the overimbibed will no longer be able to use road conditions as an excuse for their stumbles and tumbles.

On a busy day, of which there are many, there can be hundreds of people at any given time walking to or from the beach on 28th from dawn until well after dusk. The bricks are currently being laid beginning at 1st Avenue and heading toward the beach. I’ve got a hunch there may only be 1 block paved for the time being. Construction is scheduled to begin on a new condo project on the north side of the street with lots of heavy equipment coming and going. This may delay the last 100 yard stretch for a while. We’ll see. In the meantime maybe we could come up with a new name for the street. It certainly deserves one. There is absolutely no doubt that this 150 yard stretch of road provides the best place for people watching anywhere in Playa del Carmen, maybe even the world!
I’ll post some more pictures of the progress or the lack thereof in the coming days.

It seems that all of the work on 28th street may have gone for naught. The newly brick blocked street has been almost entirely taken over by motorized vehicles instead of foot traffic. The foot traffic is still there but oh my..... what a mess. Maybe the powers that be will put some restrictions on vehicle traffic. It seems a shame to have this newly rennovated street completely over run by cars trucks and even busses. We'll see.

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