Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tulum Or Not Tulum

Tulum or not Tulum. That is the question.
For a growing number of dreamers and investors, Tulum is rapidly becoming the place to do both. While Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras to the north continue to grow at incredible rates, Tulum seems to be just getting into full stride.

Nowadays the Tulum ruins are no longer the only attraction in town although they certainly remain the most well known feature with busloads of visitors arriving daily to view the only major Mayan ruins located directly on the coast of Quintana Roo. However there is more to attract tourists to the area than just Mayan archeology. A growing number of new, small, eco friendly hotels continue to squeeze in among the older, more established hotels along this incredibly beautiful stretch of the Mayan coastline allowing vistors of all types and means to enjoy this still relatively unspoiled piece of Caribbean Paradise. The city of Tulum is actually in the process of rebuilding and expanding itself in anticipation of its future growth.

Indeed, Tulum appears poised to become the next major Mexican vacation destination spot between Cancun and Belize and although the beach front has already been spoken for or has already become exorbitantly expensive for all but a wealthy few, investors of more moderate means are finding excellent opportunities in the purchase of land.

One hectare parcels (just a little more than two acres) of titled land are not only available but in some cases have already been sold and resold at ever increasing prices. While some investors are purchasing property for the long term, others are looking to make a more modest profit and selling off after only a year or so. These hectares of land are destined to become the future location for New Tulum and will eventually be divided into smaller parcels and sold off or developed in a combination of commercial and residential endeavors. Grid maps showing street names and locations are already available allowing investors to get an idea of just what the future holds for the area.

While the general infrastructure of this area may still be a few years away, the value of the land will continue to increase in anticipation of the inevitable future growth. The continued promise of an international airport located on the Coba road west of Tulum remains unconfirmed but will have little bearing on the desirability or growth of the Tulum area.

Tulum may be an excellent opportunity for young investors since they can invest now and wait while the area develops over the next decade or more. Additionally, the entry level price of the land may give younger, first time investors an affordable real estate foothold in the Mexican Caribbean. Prices today and I do mean today start around $150,000 US per hectare. Let’s see where they are next year.

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